Destiny Funko Pops Coming!

Collectors of Funko Pops and fans of Destiny can rejoice. You can soon buy Pops of some of Destiny's favorite characters. There will be 8 figures released in the franchise's name. On September 15, 2017 (one week after Destiny 2 is released), Ikora, Cayde-6, Oryx, Xur, Zavala, Lord Shaxx. Crota, and Atheon will be available.... Continue Reading →

Bungie Weekly Update – 5/25/2017

Bungie talks a little about the reveal, servers (oh my), and gives you your next Bungie Bounty. This week at Bungie, our ears are ringing. Last week was an experience in sensory overload. The aircraft hangar that our friends at Activision built for the celebration was booming. The response from the community has been thunderous.... Continue Reading →

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